Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with love, laughter, and amazing memories. Capturing the essence of your big day becomes important as you embark on this lovely journey together in order to treasure those memorable moments forever. Wedding keepsakes are physical reminders of the love and joy shared on that special day. In this blog, we'll look at the greatest wedding keepsakes for preserving the charm and sentiment of your wedding day for years to come. We at Love, Keep Create understand the importance of your wedding day and the desire to keep its charm alive forever. That is why we provide a carefully curated collection of perfect keepsakes that will capture the essence of your special day and preserve its memories near to your heart.


The Wedding Keepsake Gift Set is the perfect way to keep and cherish your special day's treasured memories. It is a wonderful present for newlyweds commencing on their romantic journey together. Each carefully designed gift package comes with a descriptive leaflet, ensuring that the recipients understand what you've ordered and what actions they must do. An order form is also provided, allowing users to specify the specifics of their gift.

To make the procedure easier, we give a mail bag in which they can send us their particular outfits or goods. We recognise that every detail counts, so we include the cost of their selected keepsake, up to the paid-for amount, in the gift package, as well as the mailing of their final keepsake. Custom embroidery is available for an additional touch of personalisation, allowing the couple to add a particular message or their names to the keepsake.


With this Wedding Dress Memory Bear, you can preserve the beloved memories of your wedding day forever. This unique keepsake allows you to turn your wedding dress into a lovely and sentimental memory bear. Each bear is carefully handmade utilising the unique details from your wedding gown, ensuring that the essence of your wedding gown is captured in every stitch.


At Love Keep Create, we understand the sentimental value of your wedding dress and the memories it holds. That's why we offer a beautiful solution to cherish those precious moments forever with our Wedding Dress Keepsake Cushion. Many of us have our treasured wedding dresses tucked away in our wardrobes, unable to part with them but knowing they might never be worn again. Our bespoke cushions provide the perfect way to breathe new life into your dress and keep those cherished memories alive.

Each cushion is individually handmade utilising the unique details from your gown. We take great care to maintain the beautiful lace, delicate needlework, and other distinctive characteristics that make the dress really unique. Our talented artisans will make a special cushion that captures the essence of your wedding gown, transforming it into a lovely and memorable keepsake.


Capture the essence of your cherished wedding dress with our exquisite Wedding Keepsake Heart. This gorgeous little heart-shaped keepsake is carefully crafted from the fabric of your treasured dress, ensuring that the sentimental value is preserved in every stitch. Each heart is made by hand with careful attention to detail, incorporating particular elements and embellishments from your gown to make it truly distinctive. This commemorative heart incorporates exquisite lace, complex beadwork, and other distinguishing aspects, making it a tangible memento of your big day.

We place a gorgeous ribbon in the middle of the heart to provide a touch of beauty. This ribbon not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the heart, but it also serves a practical purpose by allowing you to hang it as a pleasant decoration throughout your home. It transforms into a symbol of love and happiness, enveloping your area with the warmth of fond memories.


Cherish the timeless beauty of your wedding dress with our exquisite Wedding Dress Keepsake Doll. For many of us, parting with our treasured wedding dresses can be difficult, but we have the perfect solution to keep those precious memories alive.

Our handmade, luxurious remembrance dolls are carefully made from the fabric of your beloved dress, ensuring that each doll becomes a true representation of your big day. Every detailed detail, from delicate lace to elaborate beadwork, is carefully included into the design, resulting in an exclusive and sentimental piece of art for each doll.

You can customise your doll's hair colour and skin tone to add a personal touch. Our customisation choices ensure that your keepsake doll becomes a true expression of your memories, whether you want to mirror your own features or build a doll that symbolises a loved one. It doesn't end there! We can also make a boy version of the doll, which would be an ideal gift for the pair to memorialise their love journey.


We at Love Keep Create believe that all of the beautiful memories of a wedding day should be treasured, not just the bride's. As a result, we offer the Groom Wedding Memory Bear as a perfect match to the groom's attire. We recognise that the groom's look has enormous sentimental meaning for him, representing an important milestone in his life. Our wedding souvenir bear is carefully constructed from the groom's suit, with attention paid to every single detail.

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