Environmental Policy

Here at Love Keep Create, we pride ourselves on being forward thinking when it comes to being sustainable and doing our bit to help the environment. The backbone of what we do has an environmental angle - we turn clothes that would otherwise go to landfill into something new, unique and, most of all, meaningful.

The keepsakes we produce come from clothing that would otherwise go unused and gives not only comfort, but a second life to those beloved items, helping to reduce the carbon footprint that the clothing industry produces.

Alongside the sustainability of upcycling clothing, we have stations around the workshop where we aim to reuse as much of the leftover materials we have as possible, reducing our waste as much as possible.

We send our keepsakes and products out in cotton bags that can be reused in everyday life by the consumer; this not only protects your keepsake in transit but cuts down on waste such as plastic packaging and unusable materials. The packaging we use is made from recycled materials and we recycle any plastic packaging that your clothing comes in.

Alongside these key activities, we also employ the following policies in our workplace, believing that, big or small, everything makes a difference:

  • We use a waste disposal company that sends zero to landfill
  • We have a recycling station for all cardboard packaging, we recycle all workshop waste and kitchen items that we can  
  • Bits & bobs like plastic lids and cardboard tubes are collected and sent to our local scrap store for children's art projects
  • We have moved to refillable soaps, we use recycled hand towels and we put great thought into any other item that needs to be purchased to make sure that it is environmentally friendly

It really is the little things and we endeavour to improve and become as environmentally conscious as we can be here at Love Keep Create.