A whole, exciting week has passed since our grand new website launch and it has certainly been a busy old week here at LoveKeepCreate HQ. Some of you have been very organised and speedy at getting your old baby clothes together and we’ve had a steady stream of parcels arriving, all ready to be turned in to beautiful baby clothes keepsakes.

Our most exciting development of the last couple of days are our new products! We launched our ‘Daddy Dress’ – a little girl’s dress which we make from her Daddy’s old shirt. It proved so popular and we had so many requests for a boy’s version that Rachel quickly whipped up a Daddy Shirt – your son’s shirt made from his Daddy’s old shirt. Very cute. My husband was pretty sceptical but even he melted a bit when he actually saw one of his old favourites turned into a cute dress for our little daughter. We’re able to get these out in time for Father’s Day as long as we get the shirt by Weds 12 Jun (at the very, very latest). The alternative for Father’s Day is a gift voucher – so that Daddy can choose his own shirt.

And therein lies our next piece of exciting news, we now have Gift Vouchers for sale on the website. Again, we’ve had a lot of requests for these. What better gift for a baby shower or newborn/their new parents, for a birthday or Christening, or any celebration. The gift vouchers are sent out in the post to whomever/wherever you choose and can be used against any of our products.

What with husbands going away, houses being moved and general life with little ones in tow it has been a crazy start to LoveKeepCreate, but Rachel and I are LOVING it and can’t wait to see what the next week brings! It’s been so busy

In fact it’s been such a busy week I have had plenty of things to feel guilty about in the last 7 days, here are my top ten:

  1. Not dashing off to chase my 1yr old straight away, even though I knew she was off to the loo to try and drink water out of the bowl (again).
  2. Not doing enough work.
  3. Doing too much work.
  4. Feeding the kids reheated spready-cheese pasta two days running because the will to shop and cook has totally eluded me all week.
  5. Wishing my son had a ‘mute’ button.
  6. Tumble drying 2 loads of washing, even though it was sunny, just because it’s quicker than hanging it out.
  7. Drinking sherry at 5pm on a school day.
  8. Watching (and loving) Millionaire Matchmaker.
  9. The fact my son’s pretend game with his dinosaurs involves them sending each other to the naughty step.
  10. Spending too much time on the computer!

Speaking of which….ahem, I should get off the computer (Millionaire Matchmaker is on)!

Written by Merry x

Post By Ed