LoveKeepCreate Day is finally here! We have been waiting a long time for this and we’re so excited. I thought it was only fair to give you all an idea about our background and what we do.

We’re not actually a brand new company. For the last two years we have been beavering away making beautiful keepsakes from babygrows, childrens’ and adults’ clothes, as well as other bits and pieces like wigwams and minky monkeys and hats and dresses etc. Until now this little enterprise was called Crafty Days Keepsakes and was run by the lovely, beautiful and talented Rachel. The designs, the product ideas etc are all Rachel’s own – what a clever lady. After two years Rachel decided it was time to notch the business up a gear. Lots of people love the keepsakes and poor ‘ickle Rachy was struggling to keep up with everything on her own. She took on a couple of extra people to help sew in 2012 but was still only just managing to get the old (11 month long!) waiting list.

Then lucky, lucky Rachel saw one of her bezza buddies, the amazing, beautiful and awesome Merry – aka me. We have known each other for many moons, having previously been in the Army together – lots of happy and not so happy times getting muddy and tipsy alike. Since then we have both gone on to do other things, most notably becoming mummies, and we’re now going through the very common scenario of trying to find part time work we could do from home and fit around the (ever growing!) broods. Over a cheeky glass of vino plonko one night in Febuary 2013 we were putting the world to rights and I was helping Rachel braintstorm ways she could manage the business better and grow it bigger in order to speed up the memory making process, thereby being able to make more lovely keepsakes for more lovely people. Rachel was obviously totally wowed and impressed by my immense brainpower and drive and after a chat with her hubby, asked me to come on board as a business partner. I am being a bit cheeky but in all seriousness I am absolutely honoured that Rachel asked me and beyond excited.

So, since then we’ve both been working really hard to clear the existing waiting list and prepare for a new company launch. We decided to change the name from Crafty Days Keepsakes, as we wanted something really unique that says something special about the keepsakes we make. You LOVE those clothes when you’re bubba is wearing them, you KEEP them (probably in a box in the attic) because you can’t bear to just chuck them or give them away, then together we CREATE a special keepsake from those clothes so that you can have something to hold and treasure forever. LoveKeepCreate.

The great news is that now we’ve got a proper website where you can order your clothing keepsakes and other items of gorgeousness straight away. If it’s a keepsake item then as soon as we receive the clothes we’ll get them back to you within 4-8 weeks (but hopefully even less). No more filling out order forms, PayPal invoices, months and months of waiting.

So, here we are at our special relaunch, very excited and relieved to have got this far. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy what we do and for those that have been supporting us (and specifically Rachel) for the last two years, THANK YOU! We look forward to working with you all.

I’ll try and keep some exciting and useful blog posts coming your way so watch this space – look forward to 10 Top Ideas of what to do with old baby clothes…….

Love from the LoveKeepCreate team!

Written by Merry x

Post By Ed