Pets play such an important role in our life, and immediately become a part of the family. Unfortunately, it is never nice when they have to part with us. We have created and designed a wide range of beautiful, handmade keepsakes so you can remember your furry friend forever. Our heartfelt collection is the perfect way to honour and cherish your cat, dog or any other pet.


The Hanging Bone Keepsake is a lovely addition to any home. Made out of your pet's blanket, this bespoke keepsake will give you something that you can cherish forever. Either choose a dog blanket or another piece of material that holds a special place in your heart.

Hanging Bone Pet Keepsake


This personalised, luxury bandana is a great accessory for your pet. It is designed in a stylish tartan fabric with a bone-shaped patch to pop your pooch's name on. The collar is easy to slip on, and your dog can wear it for special occasions or as an everyday style accessory!

Personalised Luxury Tartan Pet Bandana


This is the perfect, cutest little gift for any Dachshund lover. Perhaps you have recently lost a beloved sausage dog, or know someone who has? This little keepsake is sure to be cherished forever. This keepsake can be made out of any of your pets blankets or fabrics. It is also popular as a keepsake for a loved one, and can be made out of baby grows or treasured clothes.

Sausage Dog


This handmade cat is the perfect little keepsake to remember your feline friend, with a cute smile that will always have you remembering your favourite memories. The cat can be made from old blankets and fabrics that your cat loved, and we can add personalised embroidery as well.

The cat is also a lovely way to treasure your baby's clothes and is a great way to re-purpose and treasure those beloved special items of clothing that you don’t want to part with.



The Hanging Fish Pet Keepsake is a wonderful way to cherish and remember your beloved pet cat. This unique and bespoke keepsake is made from your special cat blanket or another piece that holds a special place in your heart.

Hanging Fish Pet Keepsake


This cute, little dog is a wonderful way to remember your beloved pet pooch. This dog is lovingly handmade by us, and features big floppy ears and the cutest little smile. You can also choose to add personalised embroidery which will be placed on the dog's side.

Pet Blanket Keepsake Dog

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