As we approach the end of the school year, we’ve been busy thinking about our summer holidays, juggling work and childcare, or preparing our kids for the next stage of their education journey.

Like all parents of primary (or secondary) school age children, we’ve also been wondering what to buy our child’s teacher to say thanks for all their hard work.

If you’re a teacher yourself, or you know someone who is, you’ll be aware of the amount of chocolates and flowers teachers receive from well-meaning parents.

These gifts are wonderful to give and receive but in reality, many of these items are ‘regifted’ because they don’t last long. After all, there’s only so much chocolate anyone can eat in a relatively short space of time – especially if they’re considering their beach body image and trying to slim down for summer. Flowers are always lovely but if your teacher is going on holiday straight after the end of term, they’ll go to waste.

We wanted to look at more personalised gifts and keepsakes, so here at LoveKeepCreate HQ, the team got its creative juices flowing and we have come up with a new design - the teacher’s apple.

It’s a symbolic gift that’s rooted in history but we’ve given it the LoveKeepCreate personalised touch, to make it even more meaningful.

The folklore of giving teachers a shiny red apple to thank them for their efforts dates back hundreds of years, but the concept has been lost in the modern age of consumerism. So what’s it all about?

In the UK, we’ve never really been great givers of apples. The idea has been popularised in film, where an ‘apple for the teacher’ was a popular way for a child to win his or her teacher’s affection. It’s perhaps been more of a thing in America than over here. However, we can be certain that the apple holds a great deal of symbolism in western society.

From the forbidden apple in the garden of Eden to ‘A is for apple’ in the alphabet, its association with the concept of knowledge is clear to see.

So, we created the keepsake apple to give new life to this traditional pastime. They’re great as last-minute gifts and come complete with your teacher’s name embroidered upon the apple leaf.

Our keepsake bears are a great gift to mark any occasion and one savvy group of parents recently clubbed together to make a whole set for teachers at their kids’ schools. We’re really pleased with the result and hope the teachers that receive them will treasure them for many years to come.

There’s just a few weeks to go, so if you haven’t organised your gifts yet, there’s still time to get a personalised teacher’s apple as an alternative sweet treat to show your appreciation for their efforts in giving your child the gift of knowledge. Not only will it rekindle a sense of tradition in a throwaway culture of meaningless gifts, your child’s teacher will equally have something they can treasure all summer long. Until next term…

They’re £15 each or buy 2 for £25. Allow 5 working days from order to delivery. Express service available. Click here to see the Teacher Apples

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