Here at Love Keep Create, we understand that finding ways to preserve cherished memories sustainably has become increasingly important. We pride ourselves on being forward thinking when it comes to being sustainable and doing our bit to help the environment. The backbone of what we do has an environmental angle - we turn clothes and materials that would otherwise go to landfill into something new, unique and, most of all, meaningful. Check out our environmental policy for all of our details. Our keepsakes can be passed down generations, with each telling a different story, keeping memories alive and vibrant with our designs.

Sustainability is something more than just a buzz word for us, it is at our core values that guide every aspect of our operation. From the moment you decide to package an item and send it on its way to us, to be transformed into its final creation of your very own individual keepsake, environmental responsibility is woven into every step of our process. As well as the phenomenal sentimental value of our unique creations, you receive a one of a kind unique keepsake. This also makes a positive impact on the environment, by choosing not to throw those materials and clothes into landfill, and become something more beautiful that can be kept and appreciated for years to come.

Each material is repurposed to create something new and exciting to unwrap. This process eliminates landfill for thousands of fabrics, giving them a new lease of life. By upcycling these materials, Love Keep Create not only reduces waste, but minimises the need for new resources, consequently reducing our environmental footprint.

We even recycle all of our cardboard packaging waste, from our workshop and any kitchen items that we can. Bits & bobs like plastic lids and cardboard tubes are collected and sent to our local scrap store for children's art projects. We have moved to refillable soaps, we use recycled hand towels and we put great thought into any other item that needs to be purchased to make sure that it is environmentally friendly.

Our wide range of keepsakes, from Memory Bears, Memory Animals, Quilts, special sentiments from Weddings, different occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and even Pet Keepsakes, provide alternatives to traditional forms of memory preservation that often rely upon new materials and resources. Our methods ensure that your materials you send us are used as much as possible, in keeping with the design you want. When browsing for your perfect keepsake, make a note of how many clothing pieces you have.

Each description box will give you a guideline for how many items we need per keepsake, ensuring you send enough material to make a perfect keepsake full of memories and personality. Our memory makers will take excellent care of your item and will send it back to you in a cotton dust bag for ultimate protection and easy storage.

In a world where consumerism and degradation often go hand in hand, Love Keep Create stands for those who seek to live and gift more sustainably. By transforming cherished fabrics into timeless keepsakes, we not only preserve memories, but we can inspire others to make more conscious choices that benefit both people, and our planet.

As we strive to create a more sustainable future for generations to come, Love Keep Create serves as a place where creativity, high standards of craftsmanship, as well as environmental stewardship can shine to create something really magical. With each eco-friendly keep sake made, we not only honour the past, but also help to create a brighter, more sustainable future, where memories can be held onto in a tangible way.

It really is the little things and we endeavour to improve and become as environmentally conscious as we can be, here at Love Keep Create.

Post By Holly