Well folks, we survived the ridiculous busy-ness of December and we’re wading through a very wet start to the year with you all. We’ve just launched our February giveaway – a £5 voucher with every baby clothes keepsake ordered during this month.

Right, I started waffling on after I wrote the first bit, bored myself and went off to play with my little lad. I managed to persuade him to do my favourite kid-related activity – building Brio traintracks. I LOVE IT. In fact, I love it so much that recently I managed to turn it into a competitive game with some adult friends of ours (sad, moi?). The aim is to use every single piece of track that you own to create a set up which trains can get all the way round without getting stuck in a loop. Anyway, the point is that being a competitive person I thought I could really expand the train track love and invite you all to share your proudest train track construction photos.

We’ll do it on twitter using the hashtag #LKCBrio. See you there!

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