Our fantastic range of cuddly personalised teddy bears make great gifts for special occasions and treasuring special memories. Available with a range of personalised t-shirt option, each bear is fluffy, beautifully stuffed and includes a pouch at the back which can be used for storing keepsakes.

Whether you're looking for a bear to celebrate a new baby, first birthday, special occasion or to remember someone who is no longer with us, our personalised bears will be treasured forever.

Personalised Teddy Bear with Keepsake Shirt

For this Personalised Teddy Bear with Keepsake Shirt, we must have an item with a collar and buttons so we can make a matching shirt for your bear. Whether it's mummy daddy's old work shirt or grandad's favourite shirt that brings back memories, we can make one that looks just like it.

Personalised 'Happy Birthday' Teddy Bear

If you're looking for a lovely birthday gift, look no further than our beautiful fluffy teddy bears, complete with a personalised t-shirt. Available in five different styles and colours, these bears are a really special way of letting someone know how special they are. Each t-shirt has space for you to add a personal embroidered message, making it a lasting memento of the occasion.

Personalised Christening / Baptism Teddy Bear

Our beautiful bears make a lovely christening gift for a little one and their parents and will be cherished forever. Each fluffy teddy bear comes with a t-shirt available in several styles, which you can then choose to add a personal embroidered message to.

Personalised Valentine's Day Teddy Bear

Give that special someone a cute little gift on Valentine's Day with our lovely personalised teddy bear, wearing a heart t-shirt in either pink or blue. On the front of t-shirt is space for you to add a personal message, which we'll embroider in a colour of your choice, making it an extra special gift on the most romantic day of the year.

Personalised Teddy Bear with Keepsake T-Shirt

These fantastic personalised teddy bears are a lovely gift or keepsake, allowing you to treasure and remember a piece of clothing you can't bear to part with. Incredibly fluffy and beautifully stuffed, we can make a t-shirt out of any clothing you send us - whether it's a favourite baby grow, treasured jumper, or other special item.

Personalised 'Good Luck' Teddy Bear

Wish someone the best of luck with our lovely 'good luck' personalised teddy bear, complete with a lucky clover t-shirt. Whether they're off to university, starting a new job, or going to school for the first time, our bear is a beautiful gift and lasting reminder of the occasion. The t-shirt has space for you to add an embroidered message, making it something they'll treasure forever.

Personalised 'Thank You NHS' Teddy Bear

Our lovely fluffy bear is a perfect gift or keepsake for an NHS worker, making it just a small gesture of thanks for all of their hard work and dedication. Simply choose which t-shirt colour you'd like, and we'll add an 'NHS Thank You' badge, complete with colourful rainbow.

Our entire range of cuddly personalised teddy bears can be found here and you can shop our full range of beautiful keepsakes here.

Post By Rosie Burnman