Here at Love Keep Create we specialise in making bespoke, handcrafted keepsakes from your beloved old clothes. They could be baby grows your child has outgrown, Granny's favourite dressing gown, Dad's favourite old shirt, your uniform from work, sports kits - all of them can be turned in to our beautiful keepsake memory bears, animals, blankets, quilts, animals and much more.  

This year the standard Christmas deadline for all of our keepsakes is 15th October. We need to receive your order and your clothes to guarantee your keepsake for Christmas. In this blog post, we take you through some of our favourite keepsakes that will make the perfect heartfelt gift this Christmas for your loved ones. 

Classic Memory Bear

Our gorgeous classic memory bear is one of our most popular items and a really timeless way to treasure the clothes you can't bear to part with. Made from baby grows or clothes that you want to keep and treasure, each bear will be a lasting reminder of those precious times and will quickly become one of your most beloved possessions.

Keepsake Christmas Sack

Our keepsake Christmas sacks are a fantastic way to treasure all kinds of precious items. They measure approximately 40 x 55cm and are fully lined with cotton lining and a red ribbon drawstring at the top.  We can embroider a name onto a cream fleece patch that is positioned in the middle of the Christmas sack to show Santa exactly where to put the right presents. The embroidery read "[name]'s Christmas Sack".

Keepsake Cushions

Our beautiful keepsake cushions are a wonderful way to get the most precious of your little one's old baby clothes on display. Match them with one of our quilts or blankets or use them on their own as a fabulous addition to any bed or settee. The border and back of the cushions are made with snuggly fleece - we usually use pale blue and cream.

Luxury Memory Quilts

Our lovely Luxury Memory Quilts are a stunning and timeless way to treasure your beloved old clothes. Made using traditional quilting methods they take the most cherished of your little one's old clothes or any of the beloved old items you can't bear to part with. They can have up to 45 characters of personalisation embroidery added.

Christmas Reindeer

This loveable keepsake Christmas Reindeer is a must-have for any parent. The perfect reminder of a baby’s first Christmas, with an adorable red nose and classic antlers this reindeer would also make the perfect gift to celebrate the birth of a December baby.

Cardigan/Jumper Memory Bear

Our Cardigan or Jumper Memory Bear has all the same features of our classic bear, but we encourage customers to send us a particular jumper or cardigan, which we then turn into a smaller version for the bear. We make the rest of the bear out of other clothes you send us, while the jumper or cardigan is sewed to the front. We also make a female version of this delightful cardigan/jumper memory bear.

Keepsake Christmas Stocking

There's bound to be some scrummy Christmas outfits your little one wore last Christmas, what better way to put them to use! Our keepsake clothing stockings are a fantastic way to treasure all kinds of precious items. Use the cute little Santa outfit your little one wore last year, a favourite but worn old Christmas jumper or even just some particularly festive material you're really fond of.  

Christmas Chick

Our stunning Christmas Chicks are the perfect way to commemorate that special Christmas with your little one. Based on our large chick pattern they can either sit on a fireplace or be slotted in to sit on the Christmas tree. We have a number of different fabric options and you can add personalisation of up to 25 characters. These chicks are a beautiful keepsake that can be cherished forever.

We hope you have been inspired by these ideas. Our entire range of beautiful keepsakes can be found here.

Post By Rosie Burnman