So many of us have them, don’t we? That box in the attic, or under a bed. Clothes, no longer needed but packed full of memories, ones that you just couldn’t sell or give away. We can develop such strong emotions to the clothes our loved ones have worn, especially those first tiny baby grows. Items which may not have been worn for long, but which mark really significant moments in a little life. 

Our range of baby keepsakes are an incredible way to get those clothes out from the box and back on display. Lovingly crafted in our Devon workshop by our talented team of memory makers, all of our keepsakes are beautifully made and presented. 

Baby Grow Keepsake Bears - Baby Boy & Baby Girl

Our gorgeous classic memory bear is one of our most popular items and a really timeless way to treasure the clothes you can't bear to part with. Made from baby grows or clothes that you want to keep and treasure, each bear will be a lasting reminder of those precious times and will quickly become one of your most beloved possessions. Your bear will be handmade by our team, ensuring each bear is completely unique to you. 

Lullaby Keepsake Cushions

We have teamed up with the amazing Lullaby Trust charity to offer these lovely Lullaby Keepsake Cushions. Just send us at least two baby grows and we will transform them into these cute little cushions as a reminder of your child's babyhood. The cushions have four patches on the front and four on the back, with a white cotton border and they are filled with soft toy stuffing, making them nice and squishy. 

Baby Clothes Keepsake Bunting

Our beautiful Keepsake Bunting is a fantastic way to keep the most treasured of your babies outgrown clothes on display in their bedroom. We can make these from your baby and children's clothes and the bunting is made with a loop at either end so that it can be hung up. We can also applique on your child's name using felt - we will generally use pink for boys and blue for girls so please do specify if you would like another colour. 

Personalised Baby Towels

Our Personalised Keepsake Towels are a lovely way to make the most out of your babies outgrown clothes. We take one or two of your baby or child's most precious of outfits and applique them as letters onto a luxury white fluffy baby towel from John Lewis. If you would like more items of clothing incorporated then we can use one item per letter of your child's name.

Keepsake Letters

Our Keepsake Letters are a fantastic way to keep your most treasured items of clothing close to you. Made from the most cherished of your little one's old clothes, these are a really unique gift for a loved one or as a special memento for yourself. The letters can be made either with a ribbon or string loop for hanging or to go on a keyring. You can get one letter, or a whole selection of letters if you want to spell out a name. 

Keepsake Cushion

Our beautiful Keepsake Cushions are a wonderful way to get the most precious of your little one's old baby clothes on display. Match them with one of our quilts or blankets or use them on their own as a fabulous addition to any bed or settee. The border and back of the cushions are made with snuggly fleece - we usually use pale blue and cream. 

Keepsake Blankets & Quilts

Our hand-crafted patchwork Memory Quilts and Memory Blankets are a stunning way to display the clothing you can’t bear to part with. They can be made from any fabrics and come in a range of different styles and sizes, with options to choose the backing/edging fabrics and to add embroidery, such as a name and date of birth, or any other special message.

Keepsake Animals

Lovingly crafted in our Devon workshop, our Keepsake Memory Animals are beautifully made and presented and can be made from any fabrics. We have a wide range of wonderfully adorable creatures on offer including a bunny rabbit, dog, monkey, dragon, elephant and many more!

We hope you have been inspired by these ideas. Our entire range of baby clothes keepsakes can be found here and you can shop our full range of beautiful keepsakes here.

Post By Rosie Burnman