Whether you're creating a keepsake for your little one to treasure as they grow up or one for an adult to remember a special person in their life, our keepsakes will be treasured forever. That’s why it is so important to choose the right clothing pieces. 

With so many clothes to choose from it can be difficult to know which items you would like to be turned into your keepsake. In this blog post, we will give you some of our top tips on how to decide on the best clothes to send to us.

The first thing you need to consider is which clothes you can’t bear to have cut up. Whether you are keeping them as hand-me-downs or for another reason, make sure that you have sorted the clothes you are happy to send. 

Our gorgeous classic memory bear is one of our most popular items and a really timeless way to treasure the clothes you can't bear to part with. We can make the bear and most other keepsakes in two sizes. 

  • Standard - approximately 30cm tall. We suggest you send 4 - 6 baby grows or 1 - 4 items of older child’s clothing.
  • Large - approximately 40cm tall. We suggest you send 8 - 10 baby grows or 2 - 6 items of older child’s clothing. 

If you are having a large animal we need at least two items of slightly longer clothing (e.g. a bigger baby grow, a little blanket etc) as some of the pattern pieces are quite big. If you only have smaller items that is fine, but please be aware we may need to use more seams).

If we are making your keepsake from adult clothing, we only need one decent sized item of clothing per animal. We would, however, recommend that 2 - 3 items per animal is ideal and 5 is the maximum we would suggest.

Another thing to consider when choosing the items you want to send to us is whether you have a specific colour scheme in mind. Below are a few of our wonderful creations to give you a dose of inspiration!

Please feel free to make notes with the clothes when you send them about which ones are most important to you. Don’t worry though about the actual design as we are well practised in knowing what will work well!

Finally, you will need to prepare your clothes before sending them to us. The clothes need to be clean and in a reasonable state. The more worn out an item is the less likely the final keepsake is to be durable. If it is really falling apart and we think it will have a real impact on the final product we’ll get in touch to discuss whether or not we go ahead or use a different item.

The best way to send your clothing to us is to package it securely in a mailing bag (as they’re waterproof) and then send it to us recorded delivery or via a courier. This minimises the chances of loss or damage. You’ll receive a confirmation email after you’ve ordered containing postage instructions.

Post By Rosie Burnman